Faith, part 1

Faith has always been an important part of my family’s life. Some use it as encouragement. “You can do it, just have faith, and do your best." Sound familiar? Faith often refers to trust and confidence in someone or something. That something is frequently God. I never knew how strong my family’s faith was until my daughter's illness tested it.  


At first, we were in shock and overwhelmed with the diagnosis. We didn't know if Steph would survive surgery the next morning. Everything seemed out of our control, and we were making quick decisions, which could impact the rest of her life. We tried to comfort each other and prayed for guidance. The fear and challenges were beginning, but so were the blessings. Time after time when things were the darkest, we received the best possible outcome. Each time that happened, our faith grew stronger.


Faith needs nurturing to grow. In a crisis, appreciate anything positive to strengthen your belief system. 'I'm being helped by loving, caring people.' 'It's the second week after chemo, so I’ll be growing stronger each day this week.' 'The tests show the cancer is dying.' We all know someone who can find a ray of sunshine in any situation. Follow their example. A positive outlook is critical for the patient and the people who surround them. Create an environment that is positive and loving. Give thanks and appreciate the good in your life 


Faith doesn’t mean you never worry or experience fear. There will always be challenges and obstacles in life. Faith creates the belief that there is a loving deity watching over you to help guide you through the maze of life. A force that has unlimited power and always knows what is best for you. A force made up of love and compassion. This guide is God.


I believe two of the reasons we are on this earth are to strengthen our souls through experience and to help those around us. We have all heard that God never gives us more than we can handle. When we are overwhelmed, it's easy to want to run and hide instead of doing our best to power through it. Stephanie focused on her child and never, ever gave up. Her faith strengthened throughout her crisis. I couldn't believe how strong it made her. I doubted I could do the same.


Here are some suggestions to build your faith. Ask for help. Stay positive. Believe. Read scripture and explore the unlimited number of books and information that help support your belief. Reading books like There’s a Spiritual Solution for Every Problem, by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Living in the Now, by Eckhart Tolle has boosted my faith by helping me understand simple things I can do to better my life. Maintain a positive, loving attitude, and see the miracles around you.

Next week I will continue with part 2 of my blog on faith.


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