Faith, part 2

The oncologists told Stephanie that her survival was a miracle. I was amazed at how strong her faith was. She never blamed God or asked why this was happening to her or gave up. She just wondered what she was supposed to learn from this experience. Twice when she was hours from death, she was saved. There was never any doubt in her mind that God was with her. She became our hero and role model. When fear overcame her, she asked God to take over and was rewarded by feelings of peace and serenity. 


Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Daddy’s Girl:  

As they wheel Stephanie into the operating room, she is terrified and can't stop thinking of Caden deprived of his mother. Then a thought fills her mind, 'Let Go and Let God.' Everything fades away as she answers, "God, I can't handle this anymore, you have to take over." The transition is instantaneous as her body relaxes, and her mind finds peace. This feeling is so welcome and natural that she doesn't question it. Minutes later, they lift her onto the operating table, deliver the anesthesia, and she slips into a calm, deep sleep.


Faith is often strongest in the young and old. The young are innocent and filled with trust and belief that nourish their faith. The old extract faith from their experience that things happen for a reason and usually work out. Faith helps you maintain a positive attitude, and that is something we have control over.


My two blogs about faith don't begin to do justice to the incredible power of faith, but maybe it will remind us that faith is available to everyone. All we have to do is believe that something greater than ourselves is always with us to help. Look around and be thankful for the miracles in your life. Support your faith with love and peace. Talk to God and ask for help. Faith and belief support each other’s growth. 

Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Believe in yourself, your plan, and a divine life force working for you.
  • Have faith you will win your battle and keep your eye on the prize. 
  • Keep hope in your heart and never, ever give up.
  • Ask for divine help and guidance when you need it. Ask God to take the wheel.
  • Fight with everything you have to win and dont accept failure as an option.
  • Try to be a role model and inspire others. What you give will come back to you many times over.
  • Make a list of the good things in your life and give thanks every day.
  • Meditate to find peace and enhance your connection with God in the silence. 

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