For the last year, I have told friends and family that something has to happen for us to come back together as a country. Something big that impacts everyone and forces us to scrutinize everything we are doing, like a tipping point of some kind. My parents said this happened after Pearl Harbor, and we all saw it after 911. A chance to reflect on life, death, and the way we live our lives, an opportunity to reset our direction.


I talked to my son yesterday about the Coronavirus. Scott lives in Hawaii and works with autistic children. We discussed how the virus was having an impact on every person, without regard to wealth, religion, race, sex, political beliefs, or where they lived in the world. Scott is a spiritual person and had an interesting way of looking at this crisis. 


What if Mother Nature is tired of the way we humans act. The way we treat the earth and living creatures around us. The wars, destruction, and the way we treat each other. So what could Mother Nature do to get the attention of the humans of the earth? She could send earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. But that wouldn't be enough. People gravitate to others sharing the same problems. It has to be something that impacts all of us. Maybe a virus that forces all humans to stop what we are doing and reflect on our lives. Interesting. 


The great news is, as a country, we have already been deeply impacted by crisis and recovered stronger than we were before. Remember how people acted after 911. There was more civility, respect, and love for each other. I remember standing at the Newark Airport luggage carousel watching everyone help each other get their bags instead of pushing to the front to claim their spot. Patience and concern replaced stress and anger at the airport. It was like a small miracle and made me smile.


Today we find ourselves surrounded by a new and uncertain crisis that affects everyone in the world. It is touching every part of our lives, but remember no storm lasts forever. What we do and how we react will help define who we are. Look at the selfless people that are stepping up to provide the healthcare, food, and the other essentials we need. Look at the companies that are retooling to produce more of what we need now. These people are great examples of what our country stands for by stepping up to help those less fortunate. 


Many of us have more downtime at home. It won't last forever, but it does give us a chance to reflect on the impact we have on the people around us. When your actions fuel love, civility, and respect, you are helping heal our country. It’s easy to let love guide you. Thank you for all the good things you are doing and enjoy the time off with your family. 


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