Create a Support Team

by Michael Schnabel

A crisis has fallen into your lap, and you wonder what the hell do I do now. Our issue was Stephanie's cancer, but yours is probably something different. It doesn’t matter because the result is the same. Your world is spinning out of control, and you're in shock. You become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. It’s your life under attack, and that’s very personal.


by Michael Schnabel

Hi, my name is Michael Schnabel, and I am excited you are visiting my blog. This is the first time I am blogging, so bear with me as I get started. Have you ever had to parent through a crisis? I did when my daughter, Stephanie, gave birth to her first child and learned she had an 8% chance of living. Her story is about hope, love, and faith with a little bit of miracle mixed in. Stephanie, along with her support team, found a way to survive.